Praying Mantis Gets A Hummer

No, really. This praying mantis caught a humming bird!! Don't believe me? Well then, click the link, yo!
- surferseth


Clown Rules

So you wanna be a clown? (I've been hearing this all my life!) Well, wouldn't you know it - there is code of ethics for clowns!! The Eight Clown Commandments is tough, especially the I will not drink alcoholic beverages prior to any clown appearances and I will conduct myself as a gentleman at all times.
- surferseth



Dolphins rock - they are sooo cool! I was able to sit on a porch over the weekend and watch them swim by, jumping and frolicking and such. Friggin' cool! Click the link to check out the (full-size) jumping dolphin photo to see how darn close they came to us.
- surferseth

Satirical Map

OK, so it's been a while since I've blogged about anything... so here goes: A fine and funny Western Hemishpere map, taking into account current goin-on's.

Although it is funny, unfortunately it's accurate!

- surferseth


he‘e holua

or Lava-boarding for the non-Hawaiin speakers out there. This is crazy stuff, not for the average yoke.
(But if you want one, it's $3,000)
Says Tom "Pohaku" Stone: I heard the kahea kahiko, the old call, and I stopped denying my culture. I started wanting to rediscover the old ways. This many is crazy, but I think he's on to something pretty cool (and historic).
- surferseth


Computer Work

OK, so I have been doing a ton of computer work, and this is how I feel!


T/F: Youngest Mother?

True or False: The youngest mother was only five years old?


Kentucky, No Thank You

Just another reason not to move to Kentucky, now claiming the sickest state in all the states title.
- surferseth


Boogie Boarder Madness

One of the best part of surfing is making fun of boogie-boarders (ie. speed bumps), and this guy on the left is no exception. Although he made it ridiculously easy to make fun of him! I promise no suprises in this photo, only a laugh.
- surferseth


Mystery Photo Contest 1

Using the clue to the left, what do you think this is? Leave your guess in the comments, and click here for answer!
- surferseth


Sushi Art

I came across a great photo of sushi... as art!
- surferseth